'Working Effectively Across Countries and Cultures'


2-Hour Virtual Course -

July 27th - 10 am - 12 pm CST 


Would You Like to Succeed Globally?

If so, this 2-Hour virtual program is for you! You will walk away from this program feeling more confident and prepared when working with clients, colleagues and partners in other parts of the globe. You'll learn invaluable tips & strategies to help you achieve your business and financial goals!

Global Business Practices

Discover 'how business is done' in different countries and regions of the world. Learn how culture impacts critical business activities such as negotiations and team building.

Tips for Working Virtually

Do you know how to work virtually with the world? Or how to conduct virtual meetings? You'll learn tips and strategies to prepare you for your next virtual encounter.

Cultural Do's & Don'ts

Learn how to avoid the most common cross-cultural mistakes we often make unknowingly. Discover how to avoid costly cultural misunderstandings and faux pas.

Communicating Across Cultures

Learn how to communicate and collaborate more effectively with your culturally diverse clients, colleagues and customers.

What Will I Learn In This Program?

You'll learn valuable tips, strategies and techniques to help you reach your global business and financial goals.  

In this engaging and interactive program by WorldWide Connect, you’ll discover ways to:

  •  Communicate and collaborate effectively across cultures
  • Understand how business differs in other countries/regions
  • Build successful relationships with international colleagues & clients
  • Work virtually across cultures and time zones
  • Navigate in different cross-cultural business environments
  • Bridge ‘cultural gaps’ when working across borders
  • Learn cross-cultural tips & techniques in such areas as negotiating, building relationships, resolving conflict, leading meetings, and giving feedback

Utilizing our G.L.O.B.E. model, you’ll discover 5 key strategies for navigating effectively across diverse cultures, time zones, and borders. You’ll also learn cultural do’s and don’ts for different countries and regions through our interactive ‘Global Jeopardy’ style game. 


Why Is This Important?

In today’s global business environment, it is critical to understand ‘how business is done’ in each country you are working with in order to be successful. Are you ready?

This program is designed for global business professionals who want to:

  • work more effectively with clients, colleagues and partners from different cultures
  • feel more confident and prepared in international interactions
  • learn about the cultural do’s and don’ts to avoid embarrassing and costly mistakes
  • be more culturally savvy in today’s business environment

Whether you’re collaborating with global colleagues, selling across borders, or working with  international clients, you’ll learn the critical cultural skills needed to rise above your competition.


"Excellent! Highly Recommend! Our program was engaging, practical, humorous and illustrative throughout the session, and our presenter made the topic fun. The structure and content were excellent, and I would highly recommend this course to any success oriented company. "

Joseph R.
International Trade

How Much Does It Cost?

For a Limited Time - Only $129 USD

For a small investment of only $129, you can learn invaluable tips that will help you gain new international clients, save big $$ by avoiding costly cultural mistakes, and increase your potential for global success.

Do you want to train your entire team or organization? Inquire about discounts for teams/groups.

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"Your session was excellent. I have received many great compliments from the participants about your remarks and the tips you shared. Thanks for making a difference!"

Daniel C.
International Manager

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to increase their effectiveness when working with culturally diverse colleagues, clients, and customers – both locally and globally.

 This program is designed for:

  •  International business professionals
  • Multi-cultural/Virtual Teams
  • Global leaders/managers
  • Customer Service Departments
  • Business Units/Departments
  • Anyone who works with other countries and cultures

Who is WorldWide Connect?

For over 15 years WorldWide Connect has prepared thousands of global business professionals from over 50 countries to effectively lead, work and connect globally.

A specialist in cross-cultural business training and global workforce development, WorldWide Connect has hundreds of cross-cultural experts on 6 continents. 

We help busy professionals, just like you, succeed in today's competitive global marketplace through training and coaching programs and services.


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"Helping Me Succeed Globally"

"Some organizations do business across the globe and across different cultures. WorldWide Connect's program helps you work globally and improve international business effectiveness to become very successful."

- Eric I, Financial Services Executive


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